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Images Extra Package

This packages installs two datatypes:

  • Image Cropper Png
  • Folder Browser Png
  • Upload field Png

These types are based on the existing datatypes (Umbraco CMS - Change set: 6f33e2b81175) and support thumb and cropping of PNGs with transparency (alpha channel).

The cropper has an optional sharpener for JPEG images (PNGs are not supported for now).

The folder browser lists also file media types with an empty document icon. Image and file name are visible on mouseover.

Additionally a configurable event handler is installed to reduce big uploads for image cropper view. The original upload is preserved and accessable via new property "originalUploadFile" on Image Type.

Edit /config/idseefeldImages.config as needed:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
  <mediaEvents enabled="true" reducedWidth="800" reducedHeight="700">


The above settings will create a resized version of an uploade image. The original Image will be renamed and the path stored in property "originalUploadFile".
The size depends on landscape or portrait format of original. Aspect ratio is used for resize. Landscape images will have a maximum width as set in reducedWidth.

This resize version will be the base for the cropper.

Both upload and cropper support transparent png images and preserve the alpha channel. In additon to the default image cropper there are settings to sharpen crops and the quality can be adjusted.

Based on these datatypes a new media type "Image Extra" ist installed and ready for use in the media area.

Folder browser png datatype lists media base on the new upload png datatype and file media too.

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